Outline of meltblown nonwoven creation – Fast machine tuning

01 Tuning process

1、Under higher temperature and wind pressure, make the fabric milder

  1. Gradually decrease the temperature of the kick the bucket head and the hot air temperature thus, until the material simply looks somewhat solid.

3、Record the temperature of the pass on head and screw right now

4、Adjust the gaseous tension, liquefy expulsion volume and twisting distance to make the fabric milder.

5、Adjust the twisting pace to accomplish the impact of full foothold

6、According to the winding pace, by and large add two cathodes, static voltage at 40kv-60kv, terminal pole distance from the material surface 5-7cm, slow winding velocity can add an electricity produced via friction, you can decide to add positive power, you can likewise decide to add negative power, not entirely settled by test.

02 tuning beginning boundaries set

1, screw temperature: set 190 degrees, 230 degrees, 230 degrees, … 230 degrees, 270 degrees (1500 liquefy implies the material doesn’t surpass 270 degrees, can be 260 degrees)

2, bite the dust temperature: 252 degrees, 252 degrees, … 252 degrees, 252 degrees (by and large 240 degrees – 255 degrees)

3、Quick screen transformer, metering siphon, bite the dust head screen: 240 degrees

4、Heating pot temperature: 300 degrees, hot air temperature: 240 degrees

5、Air tension: 0.2-0.5MPa (general low temperature PP material, wind strain can pick a little, high and medium temperature material, dissolve alludes to around 1300 material breeze tension can be bigger)

6、Retracting distance: 15-19cm

7, the size of the breeze mouth and the spinneret tip to the breeze blade plane distance predictable, 1-2mm

8, the screw speed is moderate or somewhat more modest (wind pressure is little, the expulsion volume can be more modest, wind pressure is huge, the expulsion volume can be bigger)

03 irregularities in the change of the machine to manage

1、If the fabric is as yet not delicate at the suggested high temperature, there might be an issue with temperature detecting or temperature control, straightforwardly keep on raising the temperature to change the delicate condition of the material

2、If the breeze pressure is beneath 0.2Mpa, the temperature of the bite the dust head is close or under 210 degrees, that is, the peculiarity of flying blossoms, may liquefy splash pp material softening finger strange, or temperature detecting unusual, wind pressure show strange, or conduit wind mouth size point unusual, need to contact the hardware producer or unrefined substance maker, to avoid irregularities

3, it is suggested that huge gear utilize low temperature material, it is suggested that little hardware utilize high and medium temperature material

4、Generally add to an exceptionally high temperature, the fabric is as yet not delicate, or started to fragile, and afterward further change the temperature, the fabric started to relax, as a rule, the actual gear is an issue, it is prescribed to contact the hardware producers, or material there are not kidding quality issues

5、The expansion of electret masterbatch, for the most part need to change the fitting system boundaries to coordinate, different electret, the relating system boundaries are not something similar, can be acclimated to the best state as per this fast change nonwoven machine prices cycle, and afterward analyze the exhibition

  1. The more prominent how much electret added, the better the electrostatic impact, however the more noteworthy the effect on the texture, which should be adjusted, given that the texture is all around made.

04 Application models Temperature setting

1、Screw temperature: set 190 degrees, 230 degrees, 230 degrees,… 230 degrees, 260 degrees

  1. Kick the bucket temperature: 240 degrees, 240 degrees, … , 240 degrees

3、Quick screen transformer, metering siphon, kick the bucket head screen: 245 degrees

4、Heating pot temperature: 300 degrees, hot air temperature: 220 degrees

Filaments are effortlessly oxidized in air, particularly at moderately high temperatures, so by and large, the bite the dust head temperature and hot air temperature should be lower and the screw temperature higher, while, simultaneously, the channel area, the temperature should be higher, along these lines lessening the recurrence of hindering the kick the bucket head.

05 Application models

06 A note on electrostatic rot

1, meltblown fabric through the electret treatment, notwithstanding the electret masterbatch can bring electrostatic, meltblown pp material can likewise bring electrostatic, add a modest quantity of electret masterbatch carry electrostatic commitment to the channel proficiency is for the most part around 10-20%, and this electrostatic is somewhat steady, in the fitting stockpiling conditions, the rot is extremely sluggish, while meltblown pp material can likewise bring a lot of electrostatic, can add to an exceptionally huge expansion in channel productivity, yet additionally rot rapidly.

2, the decrease in filtration productivity isn’t equivalent to the constriction of electrostatic standing masterbatch, yet the electrostatic weakening of meltblown pp, however may

The drop in channel productivity can be extremely quick.

3, in the moderately high pass on temperature and hot air temperature conditions made from material, looks delicate, yet its durability isn’t sufficient, with the augmentation of time, the fabric will be weak, and lead to a decrease in channel productivity.

4, to make a steady channel impact of the material, above all else, without the option of electret masterbatch and electret treatment, the prerequisite to make the meltblown fabric base actual channel impact is higher, on this premise, you can add electret masterbatch, without electret treatment, test the distinction in channel impact, great electret masterbatch without electret treatment, still through the winding system created by electricity produced via friction, consequently further developing the channel impact of meltblown material.

As a rule, the fundamental actual filtration productivity of meltblown texture needs to reach 60%-80%, and afterward through the expansion of electret masterbatch and electret treatment, a more steady filtration proficiency can be accomplished.

6、According to various gear, particularly the nature of the kick the bucket, some hardware can accomplish a channel proficiency of 85 material, don’t need to go to 90 or 95 fabric.

07 Disclaimer

The above is a sharing of involvement, it doesn’t imply that all models are appropriate, every family can investigate as indicated by the genuine circumstance.

08 Electret masterbatch

Plastic Plus®ZJN101 electret masterbatch is produced using a high soften file meltblown PP material, which is scattered in the base tar as an electret of around 100 nm through really rheological shear innovation. It essentially further develops the charge stockpiling thickness and filtration proficiency of meltblown nonwovens and gives better protection from hotness and moistness. By the business’ definitive logical exploration foundations, high temperature (50 ∽ 80 ℃), stickiness (30 ∽ 50 RH) following 4-8 hours of treatment, the filtration effectiveness of over 95%.