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The heat input is restricted locally and is gentle on delicate electronics. The weld seam can be adapted to various component geometries as desired. TRUMPF uses cookies to provide a variety of services, to continually improve these services and to display advertisements according to the interests of our visitors. By clicking on “Consent” you consent to the use of cookies for the pages, and their sub-pages.

The insertion and clamping of the stationary laser welding systems is either motorized or automatic. However, the size of the worktable limits the dimensions of the products to be processed. In addition to the welding optics and the precisely working servos of the robot arm, the control system is the most important component of a laser beam welding system.

Optimization and Performance Optimize your operation through advanced welding processes, training and weld data monitoring. This letter is to inform you how pleased SRG Global is to call your organization Alpha Laser Solutions an “Partner”. The Knowledge and Integrity Alpha has brought to SRG Global as a first time purchaser of laser products has been very successful in our Transformation. Because of your support and Stewardship Covington has progressed down the path of Self- Actualization and exploring other opportunities using lasers. It is worth while to point out that the instructor that has been to SRG Global Covington on several occasions creates great value in his knowledge share and Humility. With its precise application, laser hardening can be performed on localized areas instead of entire components and can create a harder surface than traditional heat treating.

If the joining gap is too large, a satisfactory result can still be achieved by deposition or fill welding – even with the laser welding process. The uniform, pulsed beam of laser welding also ensures a particularly clean seam. Welding beads or burrs, which are often unavoidable in gas-shielded or electric welding, do not occur in this joining process. Finally, any weldable material can be processed on a laser welding machine. Of all joining processes, laser welding offers the widest range of materials that can be processed.

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Delivering a focused heat source, laser welding creates a strong seam at a high speed. Some of the laser welding machines utilize a 5- or 6-axis control and others utilize a fully articulated wrist. Generally for low thickness of metal like 0.5 to 0.6 mm, it is difficult to weld with traditional technology but with fiber laser welding system it can be done efficiently, cleanly and smoothly. Also aluminium to aluminium welding was a typical task with traditional technology but with this technology; one can do aluminium welding very easily. Because of increase in consumption of fiber source and price war among fiber laser source producers, the price of fiber laser source is coming down. As a result, the prices of fiber laser cutting machine, welding machine, and marking machine are also coming down and they have become truly affordable to anyone.

High energy density, small deformation, very narrow heat-affected zone, high depth to width ratio of the weld seam, high welding speed and easy automatic control. Laser welding has a considerable depth of melt and high power density, which can weld refractory materials, such as titanium alloys, etc. Laser welding is a non-contact welding process that does not require pressure, but requires the use of inert gas to prevent oxidation of the molten pool, which is occasionally used for filler metals.

Glass or plastic, for example, cannot be joined at all by any other process. The costs are still the biggest disadvantage of these innovative processes. It depends strongly on what and which material is to be processed with the laser welding system.

Enjoy full access to the digital edition of The Additive Report to learn how to use additive manufacturing technology to increase operational efficiency and improve the bottom line. Components for which exact positioning and orientation between cut contours and weld joints are needed or for which precisely cut apertures or edges are required on an already welded product. In addition, the welding effect can be improved by wire feeding, and a uniform weld seam can be obtained, and the weld seam hardness has also been improved. However, because the CW laser has a relatively small spot, the assembly accuracy of the workpiece is high. It can be seen from Figure 2 that the impulse solder joints are uneven, undercut, the surface is dented, there are many spatters, and the strength after welding is not high. Therefore, tilting the welding head to a certain angle can appropriately increase the weld penetration depth and penetration width.