Completely programmed oil and oil isolating stomach channel presses


● Take on polypropylene basic high-pressure stomach to press the channel cake and further develop the oil yield.

● Open to dull release strategy to stay away from response of filtrate in touch with air, and constant observing of the release.

● Quick plate pulling framework to abbreviate the helper filter press manufacturers time and increment the handling limit.

The slime profound dewatering machine can dewater muck with 98-90% water content to under 60% water content straightforwardly through factor chamber stomach press innovation, which incredibly works on the proficiency of slop dewatering.
The ooze dewatering framework is utilized in the fields of modern wastewater ooze, metropolitan sewage muck, regular water slime and dug slop from waterways and lakes and gives answers for them.

The stomach channel plates can meet the filtration cycle of productive dewatering and guarantee the best filtration impact of the channel press. “The stomach channel plates presented by Xinyuan are parted high strain polypropylene stomach channel plates, one-piece high tension polypropylene stomach channel plates, inserted channel fabric high tension polypropylene stomach channel plates and elastic stomach channel plates. The stomach channel plates have the attributes of weakness obstruction, hostile to maturing and great fixing execution.
The reason for the stomach channel plate is to further develop the dewatering productivity of the entire machine, increment the dryness of the channel cake, decrease contamination and lessen work by squeezing the channel cake after the taking care of cycle. In certain cycles, the drying system can be abstained from. The channel cake washing execution of “Xinyuan” stomach channel plate is astounding, and it tends to be worked with extra blowing air when squeezing to additionally diminish the water content of the channel cake and save washing water.

● Critical decrease in cake dampness content.

● Abbreviated filtration time and altogether higher creation proficiency.

● The press can be chosen from air, latent gas, water, oil and other liquid media, which can address the issues of various enterprises.

● With press security insurance framework, which can stay away from harm to the stomach brought about by misoperation.

● High consumption opposition, appropriate for essentially all strong fluid detachment activities.

● Complete scope of parted high-pressure polypropylene stomachs, one-piece high-pressure polypropylene stomachs and elastic stomach channel plates.

Plate and edge channel press model: B800 B870 plate and edge polypropylene channel plate


● Simple stacking and dumping of the channel fabric, simple cleaning and long life.

● Simple to change the thickness of the channel cake.

● Outside the plate feed, the separating region is expanded.

● For applications where the dryness of the channel cake isn’t high and where computerization isn’t high.


● Implanted channel fabric structure, no spillage during filtration, with fixing elastic ring, with phenomenal fixing execution

Quick filtration speed, even cake washing, clear filtrate, high solids recuperation rate

The organization offers a full scope of implanted channel fabric chamber channel plates from 400mmX400mm to 2000mmX2000mm with installed channel material and vital stomach channel plates.


● Great protection from high temperature, high tension, erosion and fixing.

● High tension filtration, lower water content of material.

Quick filtration speed and uniform cake washing.

● Clear filtrate and high solids recuperation rate.

● Straightforward design, low disappointment rate, simple upkeep and the board.
Particular channel plate details: as indicated by your industry material, we can deliver unique polypropylene channel plates, for example, round, off-board washing, off-board taking care of, and so on