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Research on dynamic reserve calculation technology of metal deposits based on three-dimensional geological model

  As we all know, mineral resources are non-renewable resources, and with the gradual increase of mineral resources development, the global mineral resources are showing the trend of sharp decrease.

Therefore, the conservation of mineral resources has become a global consensus. In the process of development of relevant geographic information technology and improvement of relevant geographic information system concept, the geological and mineral exploration technology has been greatly improved, which has a positive impact on promoting the realization of automated management of geological and mineral resources.

In the rapid development of geographic information technology, three-dimensional geological modeling technology has been gradually derived, and how to reasonably apply this technology to the calculation of solid mineral reserves is the focus of China’s research on the calculation of mineral reserves. The following paper will mainly focus on the dynamic reserve calculation technology of metal deposits based on three-dimensional geological model for in-depth investigation.

  1, the general process of dynamic reserve calculation

  In the process of exploration and mining of geological minerals, serious mineral reserve depletion problems will arise, and no matter what factors cause mineral depletion, it is necessary to reasonably calculate the amount of depletion based on the initial reserves, in the completion of an exploration, it is necessary to reasonably re-model the ore body, the newly shaped model and the calculated reserve value as the basis of subsequent exploration.

After reconstructing the initial reserves, the reserves of the ore body may deviate from the initial reserves to a certain extent, which illustrates the dynamic nature of the ore body reserves. Generally speaking, the dynamic change process of ore body reserves can be divided into three stages: the first stage is the initial reserve calculation, the second stage is the structural or internal structural change of the ore body, and the third stage is the new reserve value resulting from the change of the ore body.

  Among them, the first stage needs to be fully executed based on the various exploration data collected and the reserves calculated. The second stage is a dynamic change in volume, where the volume of the ore body decreases due to the change in mineral reserves, and increases due to the new tip extinction point. The third stage occurs after the ore body shows a variety of changes, the reserves within the mineral re-stacking and superposition, making new changes in reserve values.

  2. Calculation of initial reserves

  After dissecting the surface of the ore body, a number of different cubic elements will be derived, and these cubic elements can be calculated based on the existing samples for the taste interpolation, generally speaking, in the process of calculating the initial reserves, the method that can be used is mainly the weighted average method. This method is mainly for the middle of the unit block has a certain influence on the surrounding sample taste reasonable weighted average calculation, and finally to obtain the corresponding taste value. The specific values obtained are cubic elements, and these cubic elements are added together to obtain the specific values of the initial reserves.

  3、Dynamic update of ore body model with local spatial Boolean operation of mining area and ore body

  3.1 Algorithm flow

  First of all, a mining area surface model is constructed, and after this model is constructed, the spatial Boolean cut calculation with the antibody model is launched, and the new ore body and sub-blocks are calculated. Finally, we can calculate the reserves based on the volume of the sub-blocks themselves, and add up the volume of the volume to obtain the specific mining volume value.

  3.2 3D solid model space Boolean operations

  Boolean is a British mathematician who invented the logical-mathematical calculation method for dealing with the relationship between binary values. This logical algorithm is invoked in graphical operations to combine simple basic shapes to produce new forms. Spatial Boolean operations are performed by merging, differencing, and intersecting two or more objects to obtain a new object form.

  3.3 Spatial indexing properties of the ore body model

  When the ore body model is built, it has maximum and minimum values on each of the three axes XYZ, and these six values form a spatial enclosing box. The ore body is composed of several block segments, and each block segment also has a spatial enclosing box. In this way, all cubic elements of the ore body are spatially indexed according to the enclosing boxes of each block segment.

  3.4 Modeling of the mining area surface

  Using the upper and lower boundaries of the mining area as constrained boundaries, a TIN with boundary constraints is constructed for the discrete points of the top and bottom faces to form a triangular face set of the top and bottom faces. Since the upper and lower boundaries of the mining area have the same number of points, it is easy to build the triangular face piece set. Let the boundary have N points, then the upper and lower boundaries can form N spatial quadrilaterals, and each spatial quadrilaterals can be divided into two triangles according to the diagonal, and all these triangles form the edges of the extraction area.

  4、Dynamic update of ore body model based on inserted local reconstruction

  Generally speaking, before mineral development enterprises develop mineral resources, they need to do the corresponding exploration work, through which the exploration work can fully collect and understand the local mineral resources information, and then based on this information can summarize the data resources of the boundary extinction point, through this data resource, it can effectively realize the re-architecture of the ore body, so as to ensure that the ore body and the specific situation The ore body can then be effectively re-architected to ensure that the ore body conforms to the specific situation. In the original orebody model, a new boundary extinction point is inserted, which will have a partial impact on the orebody, but is not serious, while the reconstructed part of the affected orebody needs to be reconstructed, which not only can effectively reduce the corresponding reconstruction calculation, but also can make the calculation efficiency improved. Usually, the affected part of the ore body mainly includes the surface of the ore body and the internal elements of the ore body, and the reconstruction is mostly carried out for these two parts.

  In the mining of minerals, the relevant enterprises need to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the minerals mined to obtain the actual taste or content of the ore body, after obtaining a series of data, based on these data can be better assay processing, which will make the calculation of the actual reserves of the ore body more appropriate to the actual situation. The data obtained are usually interpolated data, which will have a certain influence on the ore body reserves, but the influence is only local, and in the process of calculating the reserves, only the interpolated values of the body elements in the affected area are needed to calculate.

  5. Conclusion

  Through the analysis of this paper, it is clear that in the process of local reconstruction of the ore body, it is necessary to fully consider both internal and external factors of the ore body, to clearly understand the form of the new tip extinction point and the new samples inside the ore body, to carry out the calculation of the body elements for the affected area, and to filter out the actual body elements that need to be calculated, which effectively reduces the calculation volume and makes the calculation speed significantly faster.

Based on the three-dimensional geological model, the calculation of dynamic reserves of metal deposits can be effectively implemented to accurately summarize the precise content of minerals, which has a positive impact on the development of China’s mineral enterprises.

Wrought Iron Fence Panel

The application of Wrought Iron Fence Panel has a long history. 13th century Europe created exquisite iron artwork. In the Renaissance period, iron art into the simple, elegant, bright style, reached its heyday. 19th century, Wrought Iron Fence Panel began as a building decorative components, widely popular. A century ago into China, it is increasingly accepted and loved by people with its unique artistic charm and environmental protection, safety characteristics. In the city and countryside, in public buildings and private homes, or modern, or classical, everywhere you can see the different forms, beautiful metal iron fence.

Historical origin

Europe in the 13th century created exquisite iron artwork. Renaissance period, iron art into the simple, elegant, bright wind, reached its heyday. 19th century, iron fence began as an architectural decorative components, widely popular. A century ago into China, it is increasingly accepted and loved by people with its unique artistic charm and environmental protection, safety characteristics. In the city and countryside, in public buildings and private homes, or modern, or classical, can be seen everywhere in different forms, beautiful metal iron fence. In the strong emphasis on environmental protection and permeability requirements, in China’s building decoration industry and urban environmental improvement work, in the family decoration, are a large number of the use of iron fence this favorite art form, because of the distinctive features, style, simple, economical and practical process, in the modern decoration to occupy a place.

Surface decoration

High-grade Wrought Iron Fence Panel surface decorative effect paint colorful, mostly hand-painted with imported paint, both rustic, elegant, but also fashionable, trendy. The most classic surface decoration effects are bronze, red bronze, bronze gold, black gold edge, copper gold edge, white gold edge, etc..

1, to remove rust, remove the oxidation skin welding slag of the main methods are manual treatment, mechanical treatment, spray treatment, chemical treatment (pickling), electrochemical treatment and flame treatment and other methods.

In order to ensure that the decorative coating (plating) layer and the surface of iron products have good adhesion, must be coated (plating) before implementation, the surface of iron products oxidation skin, welding slag, rust marks, grease, dirt, water as far as possible to remove, otherwise easy to cause coating (plating) layer blistering, cracking, layer and flaking and other phenomena. The so-called to treatment is the use of mechanical or chemical, electrochemical and other technological methods to eliminate iron products coated (plating) before the surface defects.  

Manual treatment mainly uses abrasive cloth, scraper, hammer chisel, wire brush, waste wheel and other tools, relying on manual grinding knocking shovel, sweeping brush to remove rust scale, oxide skin and welding slag, dust and other surface dirt.

Mechanical treatment is most commonly used with wind (electric) brushes, rust removal guns, polishing wheels and wind (electric) shovels and other tools to remove rust and remove dirt such as oxide skin and old paint with the help of mechanical force of high-frequency impact and abrasion.  Jet treatment is to use mechanical centrifugal, compressed air, high-pressure water flow, etc. as power to throw abrasives, grit, steel shot onto the surface of iron products, impacting and rubbing off oxidation skin, rust marks, old paint, type sand, etc.

Chemical treatment is the use of a specially formulated acidic solution to dip, dissolve iron products, through the chemical reaction to remove the oxidation, rust marks, oil, the so-called “pickling”.

2, oil removal for iron products, generally can be used organic solutions, alkaline, electrochemical methods, commercially available metal cleaners are also more applicable.

Analysis of crushed concrete construction technology in water conservancy construction

  The development of science and technology has laid a good foundation for the construction construction of water conservancy projects, and with the continuous improvement of the level of construction technology, our society has become more stable and developed in the direction of harmony. The construction of hydraulic engineering is a basic engineering construction, about the development of China’s infrastructure, so the quality of water conservancy projects to be strict requirements, only in accordance with the construction technology for strict construction construction, in order to get further development.

This paper focuses on the construction technology that must be used in construction construction, that is, crushed concrete construction technology, a detailed analysis of how the technology is applied to the project, and can obtain satisfactory benefits.

  1 Construction plan

  First of all, the selection of a set of scientific construction plan is the premise of the construction of water conservancy projects. Because there are many factors that influence the construction process at the construction site, such as the environment, temperature and many other factors that can cause problems in construction, it is important to analyze the construction plan in detail and to prevent them.

At the same time, the relevant construction personnel are required to visit the field before carrying out the project and constantly adjust the construction plan to achieve the optimized effect. Especially in the construction of key areas, the adverse effects of human factors and natural factors on the project should be taken into account, combined with the environment, geology and more elements in the construction of zoning design, determine the best construction plan and engineering construction.

  2 Crushed Concrete

  Crushed concrete construction technology in the process of application should first be adequately prepared, especially for the selection of raw materials for construction, if the construction of improper raw materials, then the construction of water conservancy projects will cause direct damage, so we must pay attention to the quality of raw materials, strict testing, China’s relevant system has made a clear regulation of the quality of construction materials.

The main raw material composition of compacted concrete mainly contains the following categories, the specific requirements for its management are as follows.

  2.1 Cement

  Cement plays the most significant role in construction, and is an indispensable raw material in engineering construction. In order to ensure the strength of concrete effectively, we should start from the quality of cement and focus on its production quality and whether it has the corresponding certificate of conformity in the process of testing.

In the construction process, the cement of one manufacturer should not be replaced at will, because the cement produced by different manufacturers also has certain differences, once replaced for the strength of the structure will have a different size of impact, so the quality and supply of cement should be strictly managed.

  2.2 Admixtures

  The main role of admixtures in the crushed concrete is to further enhance the strength of concrete, which contains two main substances, one is limestone, the other is fly ash, appropriate admixtures in the concrete can react with cement, cementing ability can be significantly improved, because the grade of fly ash is different, so in the construction of the project by reference to the actual situation, choose the right Because of the different grades of fly ash, so in the construction of the project by referring to the actual situation, choose the appropriate materials and pay attention to ensure that the sun and rain, to ensure that the function of the admixture can be maximized.

  2.3 Additives

  Additives need to be deployed at the construction site according to the different construction requirements, the use of admixtures can be the nature of the concrete itself to maximize the play, and the admixture in the concrete, the external factors on the concrete strength of the interference has become significantly smaller, but it should be noted that the scientific formulation of the admixture has an important role, so the dosage in use needs to be strictly Add to control, so as to achieve a more stable construction effect.

  3 Construction technology

  3.1 Paving, grading and rolling technology

  In the actual construction, manual and automated construction techniques are mainly used, among which paving, grading and rolling are carried out by mechanized equipment because of the large construction volume.

In order to ensure that the aggregates can be effectively concentrated together, the unloading methods that should be used are stacked and chain type, and manual methods can also be used to disperse materials in the process of local construction to ensure that the construction can be carried out in a gradual manner during the construction process.

  3.2 Induced joints, transverse joints into the form of seams

  In the construction of water conservancy projects, dams often use seam cutters in the construction of earth dams for slit construction, but the current application of a more widely used form of construction for the construction of induced joints, because in the process of construction often exist construction difficulties, the principle of induced joints to carry out engineering construction, you can avoid the seam is not fixed or the problems arising from the excavation of the trench.

In addition, the horizontal joints in the construction process and the construction of the induced joints have similarities, but there are also certain differences, concentrated in the setting of the horizontal joints, to pre-set four different components, this method is more suitable for manual operation, so the construction of water conservancy projects are more common.

  3.3 Bedding concrete construction technology

  In the past, most of the bedding concrete of crushed concrete dams were poured using normal concrete when construction was carried out, and some corresponding vertical transportation equipment was configured to carry out the relevant transportation of normal concrete, through the analysis and study of construction practice.

At this stage, when the concrete pouring construction is carried out, it is often carried out on the horizontal surface of the bedrock, followed by direct pouring, by crushing concrete instead of normal concrete, which can not only speed up the construction, but also strengthen the control of the temperature of the dam body.

  3.4 Repeated Grouting System

  Compacted concrete arch dams usually do not reach a stable temperature when water storage is carried out, but in order to ensure that the arch dam has a certain overall bearing capacity, it is necessary to start the corresponding grouting of the induced joints or transverse joints. However, as the temperature of the dam body decreases, the dam body will shrink, which will cause the grouting surface to stretch and cracks to appear, requiring secondary grouting.

Puding crushed concrete arch dams are generally grouted twice using two sets of pre-built grouting pipes. In the arch dam construction process, we must strengthen the analysis of the arch dam induced seam formation principle, combine the structural situation of the seam surface, pay attention to the use of repeated grouting technology, strengthen the breakthrough of the technology, effectively solve the technical problems, and realize the orderly construction of water conservancy projects.

  3.5 Formwork construction technology

  Usually, crushed concrete formwork are used to make the Puding arch dam up and down alternating cantilever steel formwork, the upper and lower two panels are separable, can also be alternately ascending, speed up the dam construction speed. When carrying out water conservancy construction, must strengthen the improvement and optimization of formwork construction technology, in order to realize part of the dam body crushed concrete for continuous rise at the same time, to achieve the continuous rise of the step formwork, to ensure that the overflow energy dissipation step can be realized once pouring molding.

When carrying out the Soying project, the construction technology of continuous rise in blocks is adopted, and its design is in line with the characteristics of continuous pouring, which can realize the continuous turning up of the formwork, and ensure that the step formwork can be continuously risen, and use the way of continuous rise in blocks of flat layers to carry out the relevant pouring of the dam crushed concrete, and realize the record of continuous rise of 31 meters for the main dam. For more complex dam body shape and curvature changes, the use of seam construction method can be used to adjust the continuous climbing formwork to achieve rapid construction of the dam body.


  The study of crushed concrete technology can be found that the crushed concrete technology can ensure that the concrete dam body can be balanced, there can be effective savings in human and material costs, is a positive role in the use of resources for the construction of water conservancy projects.

However, it is worth noting that although the advantages of crushed concrete construction of dams are obvious, but the technology is not applicable to any water conservancy projects, the construction plan for the dam should be developed according to the specific circumstances of the construction environment, in order to ensure the practicality and scientific nature of the construction technology.

Discussion on construction technology of reinforced concrete buildings

Reinforced concrete is a composite, combined material formed by adding reinforcing raw material, reinforcing mesh, steel plates, and fibers to the concrete.

The comprehensive application of steel and concrete has significantly improved the mechanical properties of the low tensile strength of the raw concrete material, and is therefore widely used in the construction of buildings.

1 The importance of reinforced concrete construction technology

At present, the traditional construction technology can no longer meet the needs of modern construction projects, in order to realize the modern construction project fast, high quality, low cost smooth construction, is to use the management function and scientific methods to promote the technical work.

There are various forms of building structures, from the initial wooden structure, gradually developed into brick and concrete frame structure. With the continuous development of structural forms, the rapid development of the science of reinforced concrete construction technology and the gradual improvement of people’s functional requirements for the use of building projects, reinforced concrete and the scope of application is expanding.

Reinforced concrete construction technology is good or bad, directly affect the quality of concrete buildings, a high level of reinforced concrete construction technology can effectively protect the quality of buildings to a certain extent, and then indirectly protect people’s lives and property safety;.

The low level of reinforced concrete construction technology will affect the quality of the building, causing cracks in the walls and other undesirable results, which not only increases the number of rework, invariably increases the cost of construction, waste of human and material resources, but also to lay a hidden danger to people’s safety. Therefore, the importance of reinforced concrete construction technology is self-evident.

2 reinforced concrete building construction technology

2.1 Formwork construction

In the construction of formwork, materials can be used steel plates, steel formwork, plywood, etc.. In the process of construction, it is necessary to meet the following requirements: pre-buried steel pipes, pre-drilled holes, pre-buried parts must not be missed, these structural accessories are fixed on the formwork, these structural accessories should be installed with attention to the deviation to meet the requirements, the location must be accurate, the installation must be solid. Before the concrete is poured, attention should be paid to keep the formwork dry, not to have the phenomenon of water accumulation, and should clean up the debris in the formwork.

At the same time, water should be poured inside the formwork to moisten it. Attention should be paid to keep the joints of the formwork in a sealed state, so that no slurry leakage can occur; the contact surface between the concrete and the formwork should not use those isolating agents that hinder the construction of decoration works or affect the performance of the structure, but should use those non-toxic and harmless isolating agents.

2.2 Treatment of reinforcement joints

Rebar joints should be set in the less stress, the same longitudinal stress reinforcement should not set two or more joints. Before welding the reinforcing steel shall be test welded, the welder shall have the corresponding induction certificate, and the welded reinforcing steel shall be sampled and tested according to the regulations. When mechanical connection or welding of reinforcing steel is used, the joints set in the same member should be staggered, the welded joints should not be less than 10 times the diameter of the reinforcing steel from the bend, and should not be set at the maximum bend of the reinforcing steel, the beam end, column end of the hoop encryption area should not be set within the joint.

Usually two kinds of joints can be used: welded joints and lap joints, which should be designed according to the characteristics of the actual situation, under the premise of quality assurance, taking into account both economic and progress aspects.

In the same member, the lap joints of adjacent longitudinal reinforcement should be staggered, and the percentage of the joint area to the total reinforcement area should not exceed 25% in the tension zone and 50% in the compression zone. The intersection of the reinforcement should be wire-tied, and the lap joint of the reinforcement should be wire-tied at the center and both ends.

In addition to the intersection of the two rows of reinforcement near the periphery, the intersection of the middle part can be staggered and tied at intervals, but it must ensure that the reinforcing bars are not displaced, and the two-way reinforcement must be tied firmly. The hoop bars of beams and columns shall be set perpendicular to the stressing reinforcement unless the design has special requirements.

2.3 Pouring of concrete

Each layer of structural concrete is poured twice, the first time for columns, the second time for beams and slabs. The free falling height of concrete should not exceed 2 meters, otherwise, stringers and chutes should be applied to ensure that the concrete will not be segregated. Column casting height greater than 3.0m, in 1.8 ~ 2.0m high on one side or both sides of the formwork to open the Siemens plate, concrete from the Siemens plate at the sloping groove or platform into the column mold, the use of high-frequency pounding bar from the top into the vibrating, according to 300-500mm thick layered casting. The beams with greater height should also be poured in layers.

Pouring should focus on the control of pouring height and vibrating rod into the spacing, depth, order. The vibrating rod should be inserted quickly and slowly, and the insertion points should be evenly arranged, moving point by point and in sequence without missing, and the moving spacing should not be 30-40mm in general. when pouring concrete, the formwork, reinforcement, pre-drilled holes and embedded parts should be checked and observed frequently, and problems should be corrected in time.

Pumping concrete should be equipped with sufficient vibrating machinery and personnel according to the pouring speed, and should keep a certain amount of concrete (more than 20cm thick) in the hopper continuously, so as not to inhale air to cause the backflow of concrete to form a blockage. When pumping, the pumping effect should be observed at any time, and the water should be changed once every 2h to wash the tank, and the stroke of the pump cylinder should be checked and adjusted in time if any changes are found.

2.4 Maintenance works

After the concrete is poured, the most important thing is to maintain it in time to provide a certain humidity to the surface of the concrete specimen. To ensure that the concrete can establish the conditions required for its own adequate strength. Curing can be divided into two ways, natural curing and steam curing, depending on its method.

Natural curing is to place the building in the atmosphere, by artificially pouring water to ensure its required humidity, after a certain period of time, so that the components gradually build up strength, and eventually reach the predetermined strength requirements. Steam curing is a curing method used in the production of specimens in prefabricated component plants, where such components can build up strength in a more suitable environment.

However, this is a form limited to those used in precast plants, and most sites now use natural maintenance, watering the members at certain intervals, and this time should be in accordance with the minimum time specified in the construction specifications, as well as certain measures to prevent water evaporation.

2.5 Defect treatment

The defects in the appearance of concrete structure or members, some destroy the structural integrity, reduce the stiffness of the members and affect the structural bearing capacity, while some have little effect on the bearing capacity, but can cause corrosion of reinforcement, reduce durability, or occur leakage, affecting the use.

Therefore, according to the size of the concrete appearance defects, the nature of the difference between the situation, timely processing. For defects such as structural geometric deformation, mold running, etc., without affecting the building’s function and without deformation of the reinforcement, the excess can be chiseled, chiseled fine and flat, without repair; for smaller defects such as slurry leakage and misplaced platform, the rough part can be removed with a flat shovel.

For small areas of leakage, leakage vibration, slag and other defects, can be timely repair, repair material is appropriate to use the same mortar with the structure of the concrete ratio; larger areas of honeycomb, exposed stones and exposed reinforcement, should be chiseled away weak concrete layer and individual protruding aggregate particles, and then choose wire brush or pressurized water rinse the surface, local support mold, fill with a higher strength level of fine aggregate concrete than the original concrete, and carefully pounding.


With the increasing diversification of building shape and building function requirements, there are still many problems in the construction management of reinforced concrete. There are many problems to pay attention to in the construction of reinforced concrete buildings, as a large number of engineering practices illustrate.

Only in the design and construction process for each influencing factor to consider comprehensively and carefully, strictly comply with the design and construction specifications, pay special attention to the construction of reinforced concrete to prevent the impact of common problems on the quality of the project, strengthen the standard management, in order to make better, higher quality engineering, so that the project quality control objectives can be achieved.

Reflections on the construction of cement enterprise culture

Enterprise culture construction

  (A) The connotation of enterprise culture construction

Enterprise culture is the sum of the overall spirit and behavior of an enterprise. It contains three levels: the spiritual concept layer is expressed as corporate values and business philosophy; the institutional behavior layer is expressed as corporate institutional norms and various corporate behavioral activities; the material layer is expressed as corporate name, logo, plant appearance, staff work clothes and other visible things. The process of enterprise culture construction can be decomposed into five key points to understand: enterprise culture construction is generally initiated and led by the top level; it is an internal enterprise activity with active participation of all employees; enterprise culture is unique; enterprise culture can support better survival and development of the enterprise; it is an activity that is different from other functional management of the enterprise.

  (B) The purpose and significance of enterprise culture construction

The survival and development of an enterprise is influenced and determined by many factors, which are divided into internal factors and external factors. Internal factors can be changed and controlled by the enterprise, while external factors are often objective and uncontrollable, so we can start from the internal factors of enterprise culture construction to strengthen the construction of enterprise culture. Cement enterprises are no exception, in order to strengthen the construction of enterprise culture should continue to develop the innovation capacity of enterprises, without a strong technical innovation capacity, its survival will be in jeopardy, not to mention the sustainable development of …… enterprise’s sustainable development can not be separated from the improvement of its own core competitiveness, and corporate culture and core competitiveness there is a causal relationship. Therefore, the purpose and significance of enterprise culture construction is naturally to help enterprises improve their competitiveness and promote the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises.

Problems in the construction of enterprise culture

  (a) Insufficient attention to the construction of enterprise culture

At present, many cement enterprises in China generally do not pay enough attention to the construction of enterprise culture, focusing only on the profitability of the enterprise, while most operators attribute the competitiveness of the enterprise to many other capabilities such as strategic decision-making, marketing and business organization, and tend to ignore the construction of enterprise culture.

  (b) Only focus on the form of culture construction

In the current knowledge-based economy, competition between enterprises is intensifying, and the importance of corporate culture is evident in all aspects. However, in the current structure of China’s cement enterprise culture construction system, there are more homogeneous elements and a lack of innovative elements, and the spirit of enterprise culture is not really penetrated into the entire business management process.

  (c) Lack of innovation in corporate culture and weak change ability

Under the background of globalization, the changing environment determines that the construction of corporate culture must take the road of innovation and development, and the lack of innovation in corporate culture will soon become a dry well and a pool of stagnant water, hindering the further development of enterprises. Many cement enterprises like to directly imitate some excellent enterprises in Europe, America and Japan, and do not make suitable cultural construction strategies for their own situations. Compared with some excellent foreign enterprises, China’s enterprise culture innovation power has become the weakest link.

Countermeasures to strengthen the construction of corporate culture (see Figure 1)

  (a) Enhance the catalytic role of corporate culture

The construction of corporate culture is ultimately aimed at promoting the business development of enterprises. Therefore, it is the ultimate purpose of our enterprise culture construction to closely combine the construction of enterprise culture with the development of enterprise operation. Enterprise culture development is well built, it can fully play the role of catalyst, so the cultural construction of cement enterprises must be based on the production and operation activities of enterprises, and serve the production and operation activities of enterprises.

  (b) strengthen the sense of crisis and sense of competition

Enterprises want to develop in the fierce competition, we must have a sense of competition, and always exist a sense of crisis, so that we can continue to work hard to promote the development of enterprises. Then enterprises are required to constantly strengthen the sense of crisis of all employees such as leaders and workers in the cultural construction, so as to cultivate a sense of competition enterprises in the cultural construction combined with the actual situation of the enterprise, to take the combination of propaganda and spur, incentive and punishment measures for the construction of corporate spiritual culture, timely and effective propaganda of scientific and cultural knowledge to employees, and vigorously advocate the active improvement of the ideological and political quality of workers.

  (C) adhere to the principle of people-oriented construction

In the process of enterprise culture construction, we should adhere to the principle of people-oriented, which is also the essence of modern enterprise reform and innovation, that is, in the construction of enterprise culture, we should promote the scientific and cultural quality and level of talents, but also pay attention to the spiritual and material living standard of people while developing the enterprise, and the concept of combining the management of talents and respect for talents should be carried out throughout the construction of enterprise culture, so as to give full play to talents’ professional knowledge ability and skills, on the other hand, by meeting the spiritual and material needs, motivate the enthusiasm and initiative of the work of talents, and promote faster and better development of the enterprise.

  (d) Promote the construction and innovation of enterprise culture

If an enterprise wants to operate and develop normally, there must be corresponding rules and regulations, no rules can’t make a circle, rules and regulations are the system guarantee for enterprises to carry out and implement measures smoothly, rules and regulations are also an important part of enterprise management, in order to make enterprises develop and move forward effectively in the long run, then there must be a perfect mechanism to promote it, which requires us to build a sound corporate culture in the process of This requires us to establish and improve the long-term mechanism of enterprise culture construction to continuously promote the construction and innovation of enterprise culture.


The construction of corporate culture is a long-term and arduous task, and it is necessary to adhere to the people-oriented principle in the construction of culture, to establish a long-term mechanism for corporate culture, and to carry out comprehensive construction from all aspects. The shortcomings of the current cement enterprise culture construction should be corrected, and constantly promote the innovation and reform of the culture construction, so as to lay the foundation for better and faster development of the enterprise.

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Affirm that they might have the adaptability to meet your calls for sooner than putting a request. Our accomplished creators will give you space arranging and modified plan decisions to accommodate your office. At DB Office Supplies we supply office furniture that is especially intended to enliven worker producing and the assurance of your organization work area. Very much planned, smoothed out furniture that is multifunctional makes association and effectivity for representatives to finish their work effectively.

This is because of the whole course of buying for working environment goods involves assessing, examining, assessing, after which buying for a total parcel more. It can moreover be best in the event that your work environment furniture supplier conveys work environment furniture that is ergonomic – that is, comfortable through each your stance and the overall strength of your body, so your working environment doesn’t end up being a prosperity peril. We exclusively manage nearby dealers who share our enthusiasm for conveying top notch working environment furniture and work resolutely to tie down the best potential proposals for our clients to empower them to zero in on effective financial planning of their business. In addition to the fact that we guarantee can decent costs and industry-driving quality, we have a huge shift of working environment decorations items that meet even likely the most specialty necessities. Kinnarps has a sum of six very surprising assembling offices for office furniture in Sweden.

In the event that you would like your furniture constructed/introduced we may be glad to offer a statement. Free transportation just covers floor doorstep supply to central area UK. While planning a working environment structure, furniture is unquestionably perhaps of the most fundamental component. Office furniture lays the right foundation of your working environment and the tone for yo… This is because of the reasonable tasteful plan and unmistakable execution that it… Office goods transforms any house into an agreeable workspace where thoughts flourish and various individuals uncover their best talented characteristics helpin…

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Restricted rendition Moroccan Boujad Pointed Babouche Slippers in a warm confirm test enlivened by the Agafay Desert outside Marrakech, Morocco. Restricted variant Moroccan Boujad Pointed Babouche Slippers in a pastel stripe test honoring the shades of the Riviera. Restricted form Moroccan Boujad Pointed Babouche Slippers in a stripe design permeated with the shades of Morocco’s great Atlas Mountains. Notice of deficient things ought to be made recorded as a hard copy in no less than 5 days of conveyance. Merchandise could exclusively be returned by formal settlement between the vender and the buyer and on receipt of a profits number from the dealer.

Welcome global Slippers shippers, Slippers shops/stores proprietors, Slippers wholesalers, merchants, affiliates and shoppers buy discount Slippers online on our honor winning Slippers discount site. We, at Creatronics makes a wide range of shoes China. We have multifunctional shoes, shoes with particular non-slip plans, and some are made from cotton.

We can tweak tones, logos and supplies in view of your necessities. We can likewise Provide back-peddles, open-toe shoes and shut toe shoes, thoroughly meet your various requirements. Get minimal expense fluffy shoes in your web based business venture. slippers wholesale As fundamental fur slide discount sellers, we drag out our support of all possibilities all over the planet.

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Sodden Wipes Making Machine Manufacturer In Ahmedabad

Albeit Most regularly seen kid wipes in the market are pressed in 80s,100s, 120s around the world, in a hurry child wipes are likewise preferred by customers because of its conveyability. It requires a helper bottle fixing machine, a filling machine and a marking machine to shape a full programmed producing line. Without plastic normal moist disposable clothes/Biodegradable moist disposable clothes or Flushable moist disposable clothes are comprehensively requested by an ever increasing number of worldwide customers. At the point when we begin to plan our machines, we take guidance from our client and assemble the machines as per our clients needs. Additionally we realize that our client have significantly more skill then, at that point, we’ve. We realize that the correspondence is the significant thing component of achievement.

A significant parcel of these cleanliness product can fill for specific individual and family needs. The item bundling speed is fast, the exhibition boundaries are dependable, and the capability cost is high. Neva Global is half of the KYNC bunch. Neva is your asset for a broad scope of Turkish-made, superior grade, seriously evaluated, confidential mark customer items. Starting around 1992, we’re particular inside the assembling and handling of non-ferrous steel materials. Assuming you want to find out about liquor wipes and ATEX fitted machines, learn extra.

Notwithstanding brought down changeover, generally efficiency is improved when measured plan, FDA GMP-Compliant framework on Droid’s moist disposable clothes machine grants for simpler than-normal activity and support. In the event that you’re discontent with the efficiency of your ongoing soggy wipes fabricating process, Droid’s innovation may be a reasonable response. Droid’s mechanized clammy wipes machine empowers you to more readily contend on a world scale by playing out the extra work of 2~5 human representatives. All Droid’s soggy wipes machines are CE ensured by authorized EU told body. Compact disc 16 is full mechanized to give three aspect fixing kind single piece moist disposable cloth.

What’s more, PE glove making machine, haze sprayer machine, uvc sterilization automated, 3 cutting edges wind generators, and covers making machines. Presently reach us to get a modest wet wipe machine producing unit cost. Interlocking collapsing might be customized as per purchaser necessities, notwithstanding a coordinated machine related with the bundling machine. Click here you can check our moist disposable clothes producing machine available china canister wet wipes manufacturers to be purchased. The moist disposable cloth making machine has the central capacity of programmed distinguishing proof. In the event that the bundling sack isn’t opened or the bundling sack is deficient, no material is released, and there’s no glow seal, the bundling pack might be completely used again with out consuming unrefined substances, saving clients the handling cost.

We can give presumably the most forceful costs that will assist you with widening the market. On the off chance that you’re looking for a child moist disposable clothes machine provider, you’ll can get in touch with us. Get child clammy wipes machine expenses and suggestion from our experts. The moist disposable clothes machine is a cutting edge, green, and harmless to the ecosystem brilliant hardware machine. It utilizes non-woven fabric as natural substance to supply expendable clean dry wipes.

Despite the truth that showcased basically for cleaning new kid youth bottoms though developing diapers, you’ll figure out how to use a soggy wipe to tidy up rest room seats, floors, and various surfaces across the house. The touch show screen control board shows the web-based speed, item counts, wetting immersion cost, producing cost, among various information. For basically the most half, most wet cleaning machines run on servo engines, and their bodies are produced using tempered steel.

Allow us to look at some cleanliness stock that can be conveyed by a clammy wipes machine. Each model of moist disposable clothes machines takes special care of their own personal profile of buyers. Our sodden wipes machines are all delivered in-house by a unique staff ofsavvy specialists and meeting workers who’ve been exclusively committed to this petitioned for 10~20 years. Semi-mechanized moist disposable clothes machine normally alludes to a damp wipes making machine .

End fixing horn gadget,the pack structure is extra dazzling, and the item grade is moved along. We are advancing Baby Wet Wipes for child/kids, imported item and just for Bangladesh. In the event that anybody needs to import we can oversee straightforwardly from assembling office underneath circumstance. ●Imported fluid pump,the amount of fluid added is prepared quickly on the contact screen. In all opportunity, you will find sanitizer cleaning cushions associated with crisis treatment packs primarily for this reason.

The general spot of the opening, mark and level seal could be set on the touch show with synchronization precision. The damp bundling machine film precisely opens the bay window, consequently encodes, and can set the initial spot. The significant components are produced from cross country standard food grade 304 hardened steel. The assembling machines loosen up, overlap and cut the non-woven material utilizing transducer and pressure control. The entire situation is controlled by means of PLC contact show screen the executives board. Our clammy tissue bundling machines are profoundly adaptable in aspects to pack soggy wipes for different calls for from totally various businesses.

Metal and Galvanized Fittings

Manufactured from the greatest aroused iron, these Pipe fittings are prevalent in strength, durability, and perseverance. They are utilized for joining lines or cylinders in various points according to the necessity of the venture. Likewise, we’re one of numerous primary producers of GI Pipe fittings in India. The provisions utilized rely upon the kind of liquids it will convey.

Cooperate with Midland Metal for all our stirred and dark metal areolas, pipe fittings, couplings, attachments, and ribs. Excited steel pipe fittings are for a wide range of channeling inside a structure. They are moreover used in water supply lines, however not in gas pipelines. Stirred becoming are otherwise called excited steel becoming, are isolated into two classes hot-plunge arousing and electro-electrifying.

BrowsePVC fittingsthat supplement your pipes framework’s plan and usefulness. Strung zinc stirred metal line fittings are accessible in a wide determination of designs and aspects. The zinc covering offers stirred pipe areolas a durability and life span that is appropriate for out of entryways conditions. In spite of the fact that thethreaded pipe fittings are great for cold water, they’ll try and face up to sizzling water. Regardless, the strength of electrifies metal is matched simply by its worth effectiveness. Excited pipe is generally used in providing water to homes, but it might moreover be utilized for ranch water system, sewage plumbing and greater advancement assignments.

You might pick between the 52 visually impaired, slip-on, and strung ribs we offer. The ribs have a welded neck and are accessible A105 fashioned metal or produced steel. In the event that Schedule80 metal isn’t sufficient, then look at the an additional 27 weighty consistent areolas. They have a Schedule hundred and sixty positioning with a breadth between ½ to 1-inch. The metal sack plate oversee between 27 to 77 pieces that reach from ½ to 2-inch areolas.

You will know Pipe Décor components and adornments at whatever point you hold them. This is real modern pipes pipe for your trimming and plans. Additional things and gear are accessible for your modified apparatus activities and developments. Fittings made from excited metal can be found in ordinary sizes beginning from 8mm to 150mm. Electrifies pipe fittings are frequently produced from consistent cylinder, forgings or moved bar or welded tube observing a few explicit guidelines. Dark steel pipe accompanies consistency, making dark steel a more noteworthy sort for gas transportation to modern plants and huge eateries.

P-traps thwart smell by holding a little pool of water to stop sewer gases from getting into the washroom. Pipe covers cowl the tip of lines to stop the liquid move and safeguard pipe strings. Class 6000 strung fittings associate with outrageous tension (3001+ psi) pipe. galvanized pipe fittings While going for mass looking for of metal line fittings, you ought to consistently examine the grade of metal utilized.

Excited steel strung fittings attach with pipe for moving oil, water, fuel, and different fluids for compound, squander cremation, and semiconductor business applications. These fittings are thick-walled metal dunked in a defensive zinc covering to endure rust, erosion, and mineral development, and face up to clammy circumstances. Male strings are on the skin of a fitting and screw into the female strings. Strung associations incorporate NPT or BSPT , and use PTFE tape to safe seal. Steel fittings with a stirred zinc covering areas of strength for gloat properties that oppose the negative consequences of stickiness and outside parts.

At the last level, you want to fix the affixing bolts until the coupling will get the excited lines in the appropriate spot. Set an endpoint of the non-strung aroused pipe into the coupling. Set the coupling get done with the defined boundary on the line with an adjusted mode. The usage of the lines plays a significant situation in the provisions appropriate. For assembling, lines should can look up to the liquids conveyed.

Above all, We can see the uses of aroused line to give water to the house and business structures. For that reason people find it inconvenient to seal the two lines. Most significantly, this kind of line accompanies an extreme or smooth zinc covering.

Excited steel pipe ofthreaded pipe providers is covered in zinc, giving it prevalent imperviousness to rust in external applications, contrasted with various wrapped up. By and large, with metal line, you’ll fix it down similarly close as you could get it. There is little danger of breaking a line or becoming utilizing your arm strength. Notwithstanding, utilizing long switches to build force can prompt metal disappointment.

They’re out there in numerous assortments, sizes, and distance across reaches to satisfy your pipes project needs. Pick electrifies pipe areolas with male or female strung associations with utilize with most line fittings and lines. With an ideal working kind of 150 PSI and ANSI B1.20.1 accreditation, pipe areolas are great for use in consumable water, waste, and siphon applications. Get ABS DWV fittings in a determination of setups and inside measurements for use in sewers, channels, drains, and the sky is the limit from there.

Since the line is roofed with zinc eroding over the long haul is less inclined. Shop our enormous decision of stirred steel strung pipe fittings, along with elbows, couplings, tees, associations, and bushings. Dark steel pipe fittings and electrifies metal line fittings are the two commonest sort of line used to move fluid and gas. Both dark steel pipe and stirred pipe are produced using steel, all things considered, electrifies pipe has a zinc covering while dark line doesn’t. Assuming you need to chip away at the old aroused pipe fittings, PIPEFIT SOLUTION PVT. LTD is here to help you. We have beyond what 500 aroused fittings that you could browsed.

Channel Press Lasta Mc

Our on-plate, custom-shower design, flood-wash framework cleans each plate after each cycle. While sifting any slurry, even the littlest cycle interruptions add up. To keep up with your tasks working on the most elevated runs, all parts of our Automatic Filter Presses are intended for fast and inconvenience free upkeep. CDE Group is devoted to securing and regarding your privateness, and we’ll just utilize your own data to oversee your record and to offer the administrations and items you mentioned from us.

Water at first is sent off by gravity then by pressing the slurry/belts between rollers. The dewatered cake materials is scratched off the belts as they separate on the release end of the press. A dewatering polymer substance is expected to flocculate the slurry particles past to the slurry entering the press.

The course of powers water from the ooze by utilizing high tensions to muck layers held between a grouping of 20−80 rectangular plates. The plates are recessed to permit them to be loaded up with slime, and a channel material with a productive pore estimation of lower than zero.1 mm fitted to each. Feed siphons have the obligation of filling the offices of the shut plate load with a slurry and consequently „feeding” the channel press for filtration. MSE Filterpressen® relies upon a serious association with notable siphon makers.

We really want to present a couple of the new specialists to the fundamental working standards of a channel press. The press channels and filtration crops developed by Galigani Filtri run “mechanical” filtration, eliminating areas of strength for the that are inside different types of fluids. The channel fabrics are gotten contained in the plate; here isn’t any need for a rubber treated edge normally utilized with push-through materials. We fabricate the ideal channel press for you in view of your necessities for the research facility, mechanical testing, creation or activity. The KFP-C sort Clean System contains an unmistakable, aseptic, trickle free channel. The chamber channel press is a clump framework and is undeniably fit to little to medium volumes of ooze.

Peristaltic siphons are reversible and can be utilized to exhaust follows or clear blockages. Much of the time, the utilization of a shut circle course of can likewise scale back administrative licenses while furthermore advancing a naturally helpful directive for financing organizations. You might can buy new, longer sidebars when you have a bolt-on design press. We can do an investigate find out the answer in your particular programming.

  • The strain powers the fluid by means of the channel materials, while solids are held between the plates.
  • After finish of the filtration cycle, the chambers are emptied.
  • The expanded surface region — regularly two times as enormous or more — makes the packed air create a relating amount of raised drive.
  • The side of the plate is thicker than the inner recessed part and subsequently it makes contact surfaces with the nearby plate.
  • The channel press is the best answer for this since it very well may be all introduced in a raised spot to release the compacted muck (with a base dry result of 30%) on to a skip loader or a truck.

As an ordinary, the filtration plates are made from PP, various supplies might be utilized in light of the technique. For more data about our modern dewatering administrations, we will accommodate your site demand a free statement, or get in touch with us. Flood tank or holding tank – Surge tanks are many times used to allow Filter Presses, what work in a bunch course of, to be utilized in a consistent cycle.

More noteworthy limits are accomplished by using a more prominent assortment of bigger plates. The Hydroflux chamber channel press is a cluster framework and is undeniably fit to little to medium volumes of ooze. One of the critical benefits to the channel press is the dry solids center that is unrivaled by various dewatering advances.

As the slurry blend is sifted, each show starts to dam areas of strength for with and either the move is scaled down through the press or more strain is expected to move the media on a similar cost. The filtration interaction could be stopped physically or at a concluded move value, which is estimated by a filtrate move pointer. The course of siphon is halted and the stable or muck cake is taken out with compacted air. The channel press course of requires a siphoning framework which could answer to the development of tension inside the chamber. The filtration plates are suspended on it making the channel press firm to endure vigorous tension stacking throughout the functioning cycle.

This long authentic past of progressions’ permitted the channel presses of today to accomplish significantly decline power and support costs contrasted with their belt press and rotator partners. As a matter of fact, the entire working filtration cost for a channel press can without much of a stretch be 1/6 the cost of what it very well may be for a belt press or rotator. We give a full scope of custom-form gear and materials managing answers for your plate and frame filter press channel press and different instruments. Ebb and flow possibilities of our channel presses, modern dryers and voyaging water show gatherings can receive the rewards of our ToolDox Portal. Your instruments is serialized and accompanies specific drawings and determinations. Access them on-line to demand components via a direct individual point of interaction.

It typically workstogether with the layer plate framework, allowing a spotless water flowinside the plate chambers before biscuits are released. This processrinses the cakes, to bring down synthetic substances’ stage under the “unique mud” edge. Assuming you produce changing aspect groups of wastewater and accordingly less ooze, or on the other hand assuming that the overall amount of waste that is created at your office has been brought down, you can regardless take advantage of your current channel press.

We have expert overall arranged to go to your office to concentrate on your requirements. Metso Outotec pressure channels are accessible with semi to completely programmed administration for each mechanical activity and interaction advancement. All activities are constrained by the channel’s programmable rationale regulator. Extra stuff, like transports and course of apparatuses, could be inherent into the control framework. Metso Outotec offers far reaching specialized deals, testing, and upkeep administrations to assist you with choosing the ideal channel, assist with plant plan, and ensure the channel runs productively and dependably. 2 under shows how this specialized arrangement applies packed air to a differential cylinder along with the stomachs.

Any time you’ll can streamline your activity, you downsize your entire expense of possession. Our AFPs convey sublime efficiency, prevalent dependability, high accessibility and diminished power costs. Consolidate that with the straightforwardness of our strategies and our functioning methods of reasoning, and you will find the FLSmidth Automatic Filter Press really supplies the least expense per ton in the business. The channel press is outfitted with an underlying security hindrance on one or the other side and infrared sensors consequently which stop activity of the channel press whenever penetrated.

This prompts speedier cycle and circle back events, which lead to an ascent in efficiency. The film expansion medium comprises both of compacted air or a fluid medium (for example water). A plate channel press comprises of an edge holding an assortment of recessed plates fixed with channel materials. The plates are held firmly all in all, making a seal around their borders using water powered pressure. A high-pressure slurry siphon powers slurry into the chamber spaces between the plates for dewatering. The slurry solids are caught between the plates, while the perfect filtrate water passes through the channel fabric lattice and ways out by means of ports in the channel plates.

The fabrics, that are dangled from help bars at the prime of each and every plate, might be promptly and separately different by one individual shortly, requiring no ability or apparatuses. The help bars are situated by springs that are intended to pack under cake load. Straightforward moreover implies the channel press comprises of recessed chamber plates, connected together by chain, and a shaker framework comprising of pneumatic chambers, all typical with the MEGALITH channel press. Dewatering by high/pressure mastery implies a superior strain to drive or pack the channel cake, accomplishing a dryer channel cake just 10% leftover dampness, offering back dependent upon 98% water to the strategy. Programmed wash framework – This is utilized to clean the channel fabrics to diminish administrator necessities and improve filtration execution while blinding of the channel materials is a matter.

Making this channel press the main channel press able in arriving at 30 bar securely. The solid, climate cordial and dimensioned slop dewatering goal as per your specs. This framework might be incorporated with a spic and span channel press from Met-Chem, a pre-owned unit and, surprisingly, your own current press. Slime Dumpsters are utilized quickly under the channel press to get the slop that is set free from the channel press during cleaning. They are moreover equipped with forklift supports for helpful use with a tow engine.