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Starbucks founder wants to elect president: Trump bombardment, Democrats worry

In a recent broadcast, Starbucks founder Howard Schultz said he was “seriously considering running for president in 2020”. However, his comments were subsequently bombarded by US President Trump, and even Trump’s rival Democrats expressed concern about his candidacy.square steel tubing

In a program aired on the 27th, Schultz said he was considering running for president as an independent candidate. In the interview, he criticized his own Democratic Party and Republican Party, saying that they “never really think about the American people”. In addition, he said frankly that he was “like most people, tired of Trump and his Twitter account”.

The next day, Trump responded to Schultz. “Howard Schultz has no courage to run for president!” Trump tweeted at the Starbucks founder. “I watched him on the show last night and I agree with him that he is not ‘the smartest man’. There are already such people in America! I just hope Starbucks will pay me the rent at their Trump Tower!”

Schultz’s attempt to run not only aroused Trump’s ridicule, but also the concerns of Democrats.

Democrats believe that Schultz’s re-election campaign will be beneficial to Trump’s re-election because he will split more votes from Democrats than Republicans. The Democratic chairman of Washington even said that Schultz’s candidacy would be the “worst case scenario”.

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