The Brazil Flavor – Churrasco(II)



250 grams ginger, garlic and onion juice,

5 grams spice powder (anise, cinnamon, fennel, clove, straw fruit, sanai, incense fruit, cumin),

Cooking wine 5 grams,

8 grams of salt,

MSG 5 grams,

5 grams of pepper,

50 grams chili water

10 grams of bee sugar,

5 grams of Chinese prickly ash.

Main material:

Beef, Chicken, Pork or even vegetables and fruits.Steel Pipe Suppliers


  1. Cut the beef into two or two large pieces and put it in the cure for 6 hours in summer, or whole day in winter.
  2. Put the meat on the barbecue skewer and put it on the iron rack on the stove to roast. Brush the oil several times during the roasting process and keep the meat moist and excessive evaporation.
  3. The last step is to brush a little thinner honey on the meat surface and roast it again till both sides become brown or golden, then it means you may taste it.
  4. Cut off the crisp skin of the meat surface with a blade knife before putting it on the oven to continue baking. Repeat this process until the end of the meal. When eating, the action of the meat slices should be smart and sharp, giving people a style of performance and enjoyable fun.

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