Spareribs Braised In Soy Sauce(II)


Spareribs, 400 Gram

Quail Eggs, 250 Gram

Light Soy sauces, 3 tablespoons

Dark Soy sauces, 1 tablespoon

Salt, proper chick

Ginger, 10 Gram

Scallion, proper

Cooking oil, proper

Crystal sugar, 15 Gram

Season bags, 1piece


1 Main food materials: spareribs and quail eggs. These food materials are easy to buy from supermarket or Farm product market.

2 Rinse the spareribs, then put the spareribs into saucepan with cold water. Then heat the water till boiled. Fish out the spareribs for latter methods.

3 Quail eggs boiled then peel the skin of quail eggs.

4 Put less edible oil in the skillet and heat it, then put the light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, ginger, scallion into skillet. Try to fry and stir, then put spareribs into skillet with season bag.

5 Fry till spareribs become brown.

6 Pour proper water into skillet and high heat till boiled, then low heat for 20 minutes.

7 Put less salts, quail eggs into skillet and stew for a while.

8 when the spareribs stew till soft and tender. Well, this cuisine is cooked then we may taste it a while.


Perhaps, you seldom try this kind of cooking ways for spareribs, but it is really not greasy. And so delicious meal.

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