Episode 88 The Furry of Tank Girl
Part 1 of raw winding fury…the title is a play in words.

Episode 87 The Unofficial Soundtrack to the Green Room
No book this episode…just the most intense movie in recent years

Episode 86 Sorting the Phonies
The Catcher in the Rye

Episode 85 Don’t Be a Jerk
A show about Positive Mental Attitude and Brad Warner

Episode 84 Offend in Every Way
We return once again to the bottomless well that is Josh Latta

Episode 83 Best of 2015
This might get loud

Episode 82 Youth Gone Angry
All punk fist-pumpers and part II of The Last Gang in Town

Episode 81 The Last Gang in Town Part I
New numbering system that includes every episode ever! And a show dedicated to all Clash covers in support of the Vertigo Comic.

This Island Surf ep 12 Magnum’s Mustache!
One hour of surf in honor of the most mustachioed PI in the world.

Episode 55 – Roller Rats on the Road to Ruin
This one’s for the Providence Roller Derby 2015 Champions. The meanest team in neon green.

Loud music for the silent hours of morning. Perfect for your neighbors.

Episode 54 – Canary on the Drug Squad
Duane Swierczynski’s tale of a Dean’s List students turned CI…and all the murders in-between.

Return to WMUH ep 4 – The Last SOUND of Summer
Let the August winds blow and the sounds blare from every speaker.

Return to WMUH ep 3 – July
Once again I am live and on the air in this pre-recorded show I call the Noise Machine

This Island Surf 11 – The Sounds of Veronica
Everyone’s favorite high class socialite get a surfcast make-over

Return to WMUH ep. 2 – June
Taking back the airwaves one garage punk at a time

Return to WMUH ep. 1 – May
I return to my old on air stomping grounds at 91.7fm WMUH Allentown

Episode 53 – Black Hole
Charles Burns and the sounds of teenage alienation

This Island Surf 10 – Nancy and Sluggo
Surf sounds for the secret Ernie Bushmiller Society. Shhhhhh!

Bat Loveman’s Punk for Nothing Ep. 3
No Commercial Viability and No Commercial Punk!

This Island Surf 9 – Songs for Tura Satana
Faster Pussycat! Surf! Surf! Surf!

Bat Loveman’s Punk for Nothing Ep. 4
Complete Maximum Evil and Punk

Episode 52 – The Corpse Wore Pasties
A burlesque episode based on a Hard Case Crime original

Bat Loveman’s Punk for Nothing Ep. 2
Tracks carefully sewn together to create a blanket capable of repelling the monsters of commercial radio and corporate constructed boogey-men bent on owning your every thought

Bat Loveman’s Punk for Nothing Ep. 1
Everyone bat loves Bat Loveman. And so do the punks. Here are a bunch of punk classics.

This Island Surf 8 – Bruce Lee
Knowledge will give you power, but character respect. This episode has character aplenty.

Episode 51 – Southern Bastards
The hard-hitting face-splitting Southern fueled comic gets a soundtrack

This Island Surf 7 – Kurt Russell Overdrive
Songs in the key of Kurt

Presenting The Misfits Cover Project 2 – Too Much Horror Business…
There were too many great covers to be contained in one show.

Presenting The Misfits Cover Project 1 – Spook City USA
An amazing collection of Misfits cover songs. Trust me, its excellent spooky fun

This Island Surf 6 – The Jungle VIP
Ape shall never kill ape…but Ape will rocks ape’s socks off!

This Island Surf 5 – Godzilla Rocks Again!
Godzilla is the king of monsters and the king of monster surf.

This Island Surf 4 – Quint’s Revenge
Jaws + The Fourth of July + Cover Songs = A great recipe for The Shark Bite

This Island Surf 3 – Summer Time in the City
Kirsten Alewife jumps in the DJ booth to talk about summer beers and surf rock!

This Island Surf 2
Surf! Dance! Marvel to the exotic sounds of a life without care or work.

This Island Surf 1 The Return
A new format for an old show…you demanded more and here it is: One extra half hour of surf, exotica, jazz, and rockabilly.

Episode 50 – Steinbeck
A soundtrack for Steinbeck’s Travels with Charley and a retrospective of his other works, too.

Episode 49 – Tiki PI Issue 3
To help raise money for the Tiki PI trade paperback, I’ve made a mix to move your feet.

Episode 48 – Billy Childish
Over a million recordings, paintings, writings, poems, and art pieces. This one goes out a one man cultural powerhouse.

Episode 47 – Terry Moore’s Rachel Rising
One of the best horror comics published today is Terry Moore’s tale of witches and reanimated corpses.

Episode 46 – Martin Millar’s The Anxiety of Kalix the Werewolf Girl
Martin Millar released a third werewolf novel and I’m back to do a third episode about it.

Episode 45 – Grindhouse Doors Open at Midnight
Dark Horse Comics gave us the comic, here is the soundtrack.

Episode 44 – Best of 2013
All of my favorite tracks from 2013 in one handy episode.

Episode 43 – Jesse Michael’s Whispering Bodies
The lead singer from Operation Ivy’s introduction into the realm of fiction. This episode is punk as hell.

Episode 42 – Hellfire by Nick Tosches
Guest host Erin helps construct a soundtrack for Tosches’ book on The Killer Jerry Lee Lewis

Episode 41 – Muddy Roots Festival
Tennessee’s famous fest gets the spotlight here.

Episode 40 – Tiki P.I. Issue 2
More surf and exotica for Hawaii’s only supernatural detective.

Episode 39 – Stephen King’s Joyland
Let’s go back to 1974 for King’s ghost story of loss and love.

Episode Ep 38 – Batman 1972
1972 is the year in this soundtrack for this Batman book that doesn’t exit. But should.

Episode 37 – Todd Robinson’s The Hard Bounce
Boston hardcore is back on the map.

Episode 36 – Harlan Ellison’s The Glass Teat
Songs about the evils of television.

Bibliodiscoteque XXX Ep #4 – Tiki P.I. in Three Dead Dogs at Makapuu

Episode 35 – Liquor by Poppy Z. Brite
We go to New Orleans with this food related episode.

Episode 34 – Gun Machine
Warren Ellis’ second novel and our second podcast dedicated to his work

Episode 33 – Punk Rock Jesus
Sean Murphy’s epic tale of the second coming

Episode 32 – The Show You Made
Our first listener created show

Episode 31 – Eric Powell’s The Goon
Slack-jaws and yokels beware the fists of The Goon

Episode 30 – Josh Latta’s Rashy Rabbit
A tribute to a foul mouthed rabbit with the best intentions.

Episode 29 – Shambling Towards Hiroshima
James Marrow’s satirical look at the A-bombs and giant lizards

Episode 28 – Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse
Victor Gischler’s romp through post-apocalyptic America

Episode 27.5 – Music to Read Schitzles Der Cat By…Side B
Continued Garage and Surf greatness

Episode 27 – Music to Read Schitzles Der Cat By…Side A
Artist Shawn Dickinson Tribute – Part 1 of 2

Episode 26 – Peter Bagge’s HATE
The story of Buddy Bradley and the Seattle scene of the 1990’s

Episode 25 – Don Winslow’s The Gentlemen’s Hour
Surf, Murder, Convictions, Punch-ups, 80’s Punk, and Surf Rock

Episode 24 – Preacher
Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s comic series

Episode 23 – Haruki Murakami
Psychedelic and bizarre, Murakami is the king of magic-realism.

Episode 22 – Philip K. Dick
Science fiction great PKD is the subject of this alien based show.

Episode 21 – Duane Swierczynski
Pulp fiction at its hard-boiled best. Fast and Dirty.

Episode 20 – Criminal Macabre
Steve Niles’ horror noir hero Cal McDonald fires a few rounds into the hearts of the disbeliever.

Episode 19 – The Manly Art
Elliot J. Gorn’s chronicle of bare-knuckle prize fighting in America

Episode 18 – The Sisters Brothers
A wild-west romp full of the best punk country bands around.

Episode 17 – James Ellroy
This one goes out to the mad-dog of crime fiction.

Episode 16 – Swamplandia!
Swamplandia by Karen Russell

Episode 15 – Anniversary Time
Celebrating one year with the best tracks from previous podcasts

Episode 14 – Harry Crews

Episode 13 – Transmetropolitan
Transmetropolitan by Warren Ellis

Episode 12 – Harlan Ellison Part 2

Episode 11 – Julia Child
A tasty food themed show to fill your stomach and satisfy your ear drums.

Episode 10 – The Master and Margarita
Mikhail Bulgakov’s classic tale of The Devil

Episode 9 – Ace Atkins
Crossroad Blues. The search for Robert Johnson.

Episode 8 – A Very Special Bibliodiscoteque Christmas Special: Happy Birthday Jesus, Baby!: A Musical Tribute to the Reverend John R. Carlson
This one goes out to my father. It’s a holiday themed episode and the only one I’ll ever do. So dig it.

Episode 7 – Harlan Ellison
The master of fiction, this one looks at Ellison’s delinquent novels.

Episode 6 – Jaime Hernandez
Love and Rockets author and artist is featured in this episode.

Episode 5 – Mary Shelley
Songs for reanimating humanity.

Episode 4 – Who Fears the Devil?
The writings of Manly Wade Wellman

Episode 3 – Christa Faust
Noir and hip, Christa Faust writes some of the best tales around.

Episode 2 Part 2 – Where Wolf?
Here wolves. What, I thought that’s how we were talking.

Episode 2 – Martin Millar
Millar is the cult creator of punk fairies, goth werewolves, and drunk medieval PI’s.

Episode 1 – Robert Bloch
You think I’m psycho, doncha mother? The very first episode.