How To Make Your FB Advertising More Value(II)

Facebook ad closely as related to settings of product page

If your product pages are not attractive enough, no matter how good an advertisement is, it would be no use. You can put a countdown timer on the product page as a page function, and when the users click on the advertisement to enter the page, there will be a sense of tension. When the users leave the page, you can set up a pop-up window to ask the users whether to give up the purchase, which will improve your average purchase rate. For those who have put their goods in the shopping cart, but give up payment, send e-mail reminders to them and reproduce the products in various ways, which is also conducive to improving the purchase rate.square steel tubing for sale

Pay attention to advertising, the website with more maintenance

Facebook advertising is just a promotion channel. You need to prioritize, not spend all your time and energy on advertising. Imagine that, in general, when users share your products, they are more likely to come to your website than to share your advertisements. Considering this, the overall impression of the website is more important.

Advertising directs directly to product pages

Advertising links directly to product pages have a much higher conversion rate than linking to your homepage and product classification pages. When customers see the product advertisement they want, they want to be able to reach the product page directly. You can also create advertisements for specific products to find the best-selling ones.

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