Global Nature’s Wonder – Victoria Falls(II)

How to form this waterfall?

When the Zambezi River is full, 7,500 cubic meters of water rush across Victoria Falls every second. The amount of water is so large and the downward momentum is so strong that the splash can be seen as far as 40 kilometers away. The local name of Victoria Falls is “Mosi-oa-tunra”, which can be translated as “roaring smoke”.

Victoria Falls was formed by a deep rock rift valley that cuts across the Zambezi River.china steel pipe

The rift valley was caused by crustal movement 150 million years ago. Victoria Falls has a maximum width of 1690 meters. On the opposite side of the cliff where the river fell was another cliff, only 75 meters apart. Between the two cliffs is a narrow canyon, where water forms a huge eddy and then flows down a 72-kilometer-long canyon.

The Canyon poured by the Great Falls, itself, is a rare natural moat in the world. Here, the high gorge is tortuous, the lithosphere is like a sword, the huge waterfall turns silver, and the torrent rushes like a gallop, forming an extraordinarily beautiful natural scene.

The first Canyon poured by the Great Falls, on the east side of its south wall, has a north-south trending canyon, cutting the south wall into two parts, East and west. The Canyon is only 60 meters wide, and the whole Zambezi River surges out of the canyon. The water vapor of the Victoria Falls rises more than 300 meters high, which makes the area full of mist. If the water drops condense into showers during the rainy season, people can stand here and soak through in a few minutes.

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