Content Marketing with Related Practices(II)


For example, you may use interviews as the core of your content marketing. For example, some of funny interviews or the interviews related your products will put on your website such as Comedy Central series.

Question to answer

The most of firms provides its website with Q&A function, then you may answer your audience’s every post through your website. Certainly, you also may adopt Q&A to your industry peers so that collect these data. Once again, this content may be used through video, text or audio.Steel Tube Manufacturers


Do not assume that your audience will be familiar with all the details of your topic. Create content and pass on the information they need to better understand the issues you are discussing in content delivery without whispering to them.

Content process comprehensively

The goal here is to provide your audience with relevant resources, highlighting your insight and expertise in this field. This is particularly useful for adding values to depth fragments. It’s also a good way to reuse your old content and give it new life.

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