All The News From The Worldwide(I)

Let us have a read about some news from the worldwide. Well, there is the first news from Africa as be focused for global people namely African swine fever.

From official: African swine fever outbreaks under control

A senior agricultural official said on Tuesday that African swine plague is generally controlled in China as a result of effective prevention and control measures. Mr. Yu Kangzhen, Deputy Minister of agriculture and rural affairs, galvanized steel tubing suppliers said in a meeting with political advisers that as of Monday, 81 cases of AIDS had been reported in 21 provinces and autonomous regions. According to Mr. Yu, 631,000 pigs were slaughtered nationwide. Measures such as strengthening the monitoring of pig transportation and strengthening entry-exit inspection and quarantine were taken. Through these efforts, the situation in 35 infected areas in 8 provinces and districts began to improve, and restrictions were lifted. African swine fever is a highly contagious viral disease that infects pigs. It does not affect humans or other animal species. China will continue to strengthen supervision to prevent import epidemics, Mr.Yu said. More than 5,800 cases of the disease have been reported in 22 countries this year.

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