WeChat Applets II

The first is the "try to search" function on the WeChat homepage. To know the relative emphasis of the WeChat public account, the WeChat applet emphasizes the weak focus of the convention. Each small program is equivalent to a web page on the PC side, and the search is equivalent to "Baidu." Therefore, WeChat has recently upgraded and optimized the direct service function of "try to search", which makes the search results more intuitive and can be connected to 10 ports of content,square steel tubing applications and services. Make the user's portrait automatically divided more accurately. Followed by "near 5 kilometers" This function is related to offline stores. Its purpose is to enable a single merchant to accurately display on the positioned map, which can greatly increase the number of accurate users' browsing and promote the realization of offline user traffic.tin plate suppliers Finally, it is a small program for accurate users or communities. This is also the most direct source of traffic monetization. If there is a large amount of traffic, it may even lead to a small program. And how to promote the implementation of WeChat small program traffic? In addition to "near 5 kilometers" and "search one search", there is also a binding to the public number. Before the WeChat applet was launched, the WeChat public account was a self-media that was independently operated in the WeChat ecosystem and was the source of the content media. So in the years after the launch of the WeChat public account, many online e-commerce companies Users will choose to open a subscription number or service number for content production to establish emotional connections with users, Steel Pipe Suppliers so this is also the relationship between the public number and attention. However, if the media produced as content is forcibly realized, people will indeed have some resentment and embarrassing situation. The binding of the WeChat small program to the public number will completely solve the problem of forcibly realizing the traffic with the public number. The production of content media, the conversion to small programs to realize the realization has become more and more e-commerce realized that this is a new business opportunity.


Real Estate Tax ”Effect” (III)

What is the difficulty? Due to various factors including economy, law, and public interest, many people believe that there are still many challenges in the process of implementing and implementing real estate tax. In fact, although there is only a ''word difference'' with the property tax, the addition of the word ''ground'' increases the complexity of the real estate tax. For example, Zhao Xiaoma told reporters that between the real estate tax and the payment of the land transfer fee. Whether there are duplicate problems or remains to be demonstrated. From the perspective of the design of real estate tax, some insiders pointed out that, first, after experiencing the transition from welfare housing to housing marketization, the types of housing property rights in China are characterized by diversity, and the taxation of housing of different nature or Need to be treated differently. Secondly, the cost of housing acquisition or the gap between housing and the number of housing as the basis for the real estate tax can be adjusted to achieve the function of regulating income distribution is also one of the outside concerns. In this regard, Wang Weiqing believes that regardless of the nature and source of the house, since the real estate tax considers the stock of property, the future real estate tax should be levied on all properties registered under the name of the individual or family. It is understood that in terms of real estate information registration, in June 2018, the national unified real estate registration information management basic platform has achieved nationwide networking. 6 inch mini electric scooter portable foldable for adult The "Notice on the Time for Registration of Compressed Real Estates" issued by the General Office of the State Council recently proposed that the completion of all urban and county town registration data results and the full coverage of exchanges before the end of 2019. However, many industry insiders admit that the complexity of the real estate tax will take time from its dust. Zhang Hongwei, chief analyst of Tongce Group, told the International Finance News that from the perspective of research,in the up cycle, in general, real estate tax such regulation and control policies will choose to be implemented in the upstream period of such markets. Reconsidering the urbanization rate factor. At present, the national urbanization rate is less than 60%. Generally speaking, the urbanization rate should reach 70%-80%, especially after reaching 80%, the whole market can formally enter the stock stage. Zhang Hongwei predicted that the real estate market may enter the stock era after 2026 and 2027. Before this, the possibility of real estate tax implementation is not big, but there may be some program reserves to do some pilot exploration. From a legal point of view, Guo Ren said that a bill generally goes through several steps from legislation to landing, including project establishment, establishment of a work team, investigation and research, formation of a draft framework, and major issues of opinion on the real estate tax, and drafting provisions. After the draft of the consultation draft is formed, it may be possible to extensively solicit opinions from all parties, form a review draft, and then review the draft for review. It is impossible to do so overnight.

How to Arrangement Diets Reasonably?

Nowadays people's lives are busy, and many people's stomachs are not very good. Therefore, they give a suggestion to "eat less and eat more meals", that is, from the original three meals a day to four meals a day, five meals, six meals. and many more.8 Inch Mini Electric Scooter Portable Foldable for Adult Then there are a lot of people worried, eating so many meals a day, isn't it all fat at once? This is not more harmful to your health. How to eat less meals In fact, it doesn't get fat, because on the premise of eating more meals, it means eating less, which means that the total amount of food in a day is constant, just from the original three meals, to a multi-meal. For example, if you have porridge, vegetables, and eggs for breakfast, then if you want to eat less and eat more meals, eat porridge and vegetables for breakfast, leave the eggs and do not eat them, and eat eggs when you add meals, so you can eat less and eat more, but intake The total amount of food will not change. In addition to the above-mentioned method of even food as a method of adding meals, there is also a method of calculating the calorie according to the calorie, reducing the calorie intake in the three meals, and dividing the reduced calories into the meal, so it is recommended. Eat some low-calorie foods while you are eating. What foods are suit for being extra meal? Vegetables Adding meals is usually between two meals, which means that many people are not very convenient to cook, so for vegetables, the recommended vegetable salad is no need to fire, direct raw food, in addition to vegetable salad, There are vegetables such as cucumbers and tomatoes that can be eaten raw directly. They can be used as food for meals. Fruits Most of fruits are suit for being extra meal, so we can choose the fruit what we like to eat, and the time fruits suit for be eaten is the time we can add meal, just between the time of two meals. Because the usual fruits contain relatively high sugar, we may be fat if eat them after dinner. Mini Electric Scooter Manufacturer We can also increase the diversity of fruits according to our needs. Dairy products Dairy products contain high-quality protein, is very useful for our bodies. For milk, maybe someone like drink them before sleeping, but it is recommended in the dietary guide that the daily intake per person is 300ml, so dairy products are also a suitable food for eating, no matter what kind of dairy products, milk, yogurt can be used for food. Pastry The calories of the cakes are relatively high, so try not to choose the cakes. If you must choose, it is recommended to be soda crackers, whole wheat bread and other foods. When adding a meal, it is best not to choose high-calorie, high-fat, high-salt, high-sugar foods. Excessive intake of these foods may cause obesity and may also impair the health of the body.

Talking about Present KFC

When talking about fast food, the first brand almost of us can think out is KFC. KFC is a fast food brand that selling well all over the world, set up a favorable fast food image and is popular with customers. It is important that customers in all age like to eat it, from children to the elders. The image of KFC has planted into people’s consumption concept, many people will select KFC when they refer to fast food, because they believed in the brand effective.galvanized steel tubing suppliers However, compare with the other brands, such as Mcdonald and Pizza Hut, are not famous as KFC. For many years, KFC has always account for the No.1 of the consumption rank of fast food, no one can shake its situation. So we may have a question about it, why KFC is so popular, but other brands cannot catch up with it? If you look at the reasons, it is not difficult to find that KFC and Pizza Hut, which are also fast food restaurants, but the food they sell is very different. KFC sells a wide variety of products, customers can choose according to their own preferences, but Pizza Hut has always mainly popularize pizza. Customers don't have room for self-selection, which means Pizza Hut can only attract customers who like pizza. Secondly, the consumption standards of fast food restaurants have always been relatively high. Generally speaking, two to three people will consume nearly one hundred yuan. However, under the same environment and treatment, Pizza Hut is more than twice as expensive as KFC, and customers are obviously more willing to choose KFC. For example, the simplest package, KFC's burger package includes a staple burger, a French fries and a medium cup of cola, priced at about 40 yuan; and Pizza Hut, even if we eat the smallest pizza, costs about 70 yuan.

Remember to Take Pictures in These Places if You Travel to Paris

The Alexandre III Bridge is an elaborate bridge in Paris. Built in 1900, it is decorated with magnificent lampposts. This is an ideal place for portrait photography. You can see the Eiffel Tower in the background. It is also a good place to photograph the beauty of the bridge itself. The Sacred Heart Cathedral in Paris is a landmark that is hard to miss in Paris. The white dome from the Chateau-Landon quarry is made of stone and is a famous landmark in the city. The stairs are open to the public and will take you to the top, giving you a magnificent view of Paris. Notre Dame de Paris is a church building in the heart of Paris,steel coil manufacturers France, and the cathedral of the Catholic Diocese of Paris. The church is famous for its Gothic architectural style, the carving and painting art of altars, cloisters, doors and windows, and the numerous art treasures of the 13th to 17th centuries hidden in the church. The Louvre is the largest and most visited museum in the world. The building was originally built as a fortress during the medieval period, but eventually became the palace. Located on the banks of the Seine, the hotel has a wing and a gazebo, situated between the Tuileries Garden and the Saint-Germain Church. Although it is not allowed to take photos in the museum, the photos outside are equally astonishing. When you enter the courtyard with the famous Louvre Pyramid and its surrounding fountains as well as the building itself, you will find many photo opportunities. The Eiffel Tower, one of the most representative photos of Paris. The Eiffel Tower is perfectly framed with the Trocadero fountain in the foreground. Although visitors try to take their own photos and probably even ruin your photos, it is still worth going. Arriving before sunrise will provide you with a less crowded photo and a beautiful Parisian sky. The Arc de Triomphe in Paris, the lion's Arc de Triomphe, is located in the center of the Charles de Gaulle Square in Paris, France, at the western end of the Champs Elysées. It is the largest arch in the world today and is located on the roundabout in the middle of the Charles de Gaulle Square. Around the Arc de Triomphe, a circular plaza and 12 roads were built. Each road is 40-80 meters wide and radial. It is like a star shining, so this square is also called the Star Square. The Arc de Triomphe is also known as the "Star Gate." St. Chapel, if you like to shoot beautiful stained glass, this is a two-part chapel, upper and lower, with all stained glass on the top. The glass is arranged on 15 windows, each about 50 feet high. The pane depicts more than a thousand scenes from the Old Testament and the New Testament, showing the history of the world until the arrival of Parisian artifacts. As the morning or evening sun shines directly through the glass, you will return home with gorgeous, colorful historical photos.

For a Child’s Moral Education, What should We Do? (I)

According to the characteristics of preschool children's physical and mental development, parents should give children the following moral and behavioral education in the preschool period. Politeness and discipline education train children to be polite, disciplined, and disciplined. To teach the children correctly and politely call the people they are close to, and learn to use the polite words such as "thank you," "sorry," and "no matter." Knowing that when someone speaks to themselves, they must face the speaker's intent to listen and politely answer other people's questions. Do not say ugly words, do not tamper with other people's things, abide by the rules of this class garden, and abide by the order and health of public places. Friendship Education fosters children's love and support for their peers. Be able to get along with children, don't beat and swear people. In daily life and in the game, learn to mutual help, mutual humility and no fight with others. Learn to care for children and willing to help children who have difficulties. Gradually learn to resolve their own disputes. Love the elders, love the collective education, respect the elders, listen to their words, have good things to eat first, and develop the habit of not occupying food. Steel Pipe Suppliers Actively participate in group activities, get used to collective life, and be willing to work for the collective. Love your own class, love kindergarten, and have a preliminary sense of collective honor.

Educate them to love labor and others, and learn to do their own things and do daily work and garden work. Get to know the labor of some surrounding adults, to know the meaning of their labor, love and respect them. Cherish the fruits of labor, such as caring for toys, books, tables and chairs, etc., not picky food, no waste of food. Love the PLA, learn their brave, disciplined and other good qualities. Brave, honest, independent, and persistent education can boldly answer adult questions, not afraid of being alive, and can speak and perform boldly in front of the collective. Be good at using your brain, overcoming difficulties, and developing the ability to solve problems independently. Teach them to do one thing from the beginning to the end by themselves.

Love the education of the motherland to cultivate the initial feelings of children loving the motherland. Know your hometown, learn about the mountains and rivers of the motherland, the property, the nation, the achievements of socialist construction, the national flag, the national emblem, the national anthem, the capital, and so on. Learn about the advanced deeds of some heroic model figures, miss the revolutionary martyrs, and grow up to be revolutionary successors. According to the traditional customs of our country and the local people, we can selectively know some festivals, such as Children's Day, Women's Day, National Day, Teacher's Day and so on. Character education fosters children with positive emotions, enthusiasm and cheerful personality. To always maintain a happy mood, lively and generous. Be free to express your interests and hobbies.

How To Make Your FB Advertising More Value(II)

Facebook ad closely as related to settings of product page If your product pages are not attractive enough, no matter how good an advertisement is, it would be no use. You can put a countdown timer on the product page as a page function, and when the users click on the advertisement to enter the page, there will be a sense of tension. When the users leave the page, you can set up a pop-up window to ask the users whether to give up the purchase, which will improve your average purchase rate. For those who have put their goods in the shopping cart, but give up payment, send e-mail reminders to them and reproduce the products in various ways, which is also conducive to improving the purchase rate.square steel tubing for sale Pay attention to advertising, the website with more maintenance Facebook advertising is just a promotion channel. You need to prioritize, not spend all your time and energy on advertising. Imagine that, in general, when users share your products, they are more likely to come to your website than to share your advertisements. Considering this, the overall impression of the website is more important. Advertising directs directly to product pages Advertising links directly to product pages have a much higher conversion rate than linking to your homepage and product classification pages. When customers see the product advertisement they want, they want to be able to reach the product page directly. You can also create advertisements for specific products to find the best-selling ones.

The Development Prospects Of Insurance Industry Are Promising In China(II)

Significant achievements in structural adjustment In the first half of the year, the insurance industry was tightened. galvanized steel pipes On the last working day of 2017, the regulatory authorities issued the “Notice on Organizing and Developing Personal Insurance to Control Sales Chaos and Combat Illegal Operations”, which is considered by the industry to be mainly aimed at the “making a good start” chaos in 2018. Facts have proved that the “making a good start” premium of the insurance industry in 2018 has been discounted as scheduled, and the situation that the “making a good start” premium in previous years accounts for half of the annual premium no longer exists, stainless steel pipes which also affects the growth of premiums in the next few months.   Take China Life as an example, in the first half of the year, the premium of China Life fell by 24.2% compared with the same period of last year, and the wholesale and due payments decreased by 50.3% and increased by 5.1% respectively.seamless steel pipes "The renewal business increased by 30.3%, the proportion of total premium increased by 13.1% to 65.2%, which highlights the transformation of China Life.

The News From Worldwide(II)

Starbucks founder wants to elect president: Trump bombardment, Democrats worry In a recent broadcast, Starbucks founder Howard Schultz said he was “seriously considering running for president in 2020”. However, his comments were subsequently bombarded by US President Trump, and even Trump’s rival Democrats expressed concern about his candidacy.square steel tubing In a program aired on the 27th, Schultz said he was considering running for president as an independent candidate. In the interview, he criticized his own Democratic Party and Republican Party, saying that they “never really think about the American people”. In addition, he said frankly that he was “like most people, tired of Trump and his Twitter account”. The next day, Trump responded to Schultz. “Howard Schultz has no courage to run for president!” Trump tweeted at the Starbucks founder. “I watched him on the show last night and I agree with him that he is not ‘the smartest man’. There are already such people in America! I just hope Starbucks will pay me the rent at their Trump Tower!” Schultz’s attempt to run not only aroused Trump’s ridicule, but also the concerns of Democrats. Democrats believe that Schultz’s re-election campaign will be beneficial to Trump’s re-election because he will split more votes from Democrats than Republicans. The Democratic chairman of Washington even said that Schultz’s candidacy would be the “worst case scenario”.

The Brazil Flavor – Churrasco(II)

Ingredients Cure: 250 grams ginger, garlic and onion juice, 5 grams spice powder (anise, cinnamon, fennel, clove, straw fruit, sanai, incense fruit, cumin), Cooking wine 5 grams, 8 grams of salt, MSG 5 grams, 5 grams of pepper, 50 grams chili water 10 grams of bee sugar, 5 grams of Chinese prickly ash. Main material: Beef, Chicken, Pork or even vegetables and fruits.Steel Pipe Suppliers Direction
  1. Cut the beef into two or two large pieces and put it in the cure for 6 hours in summer, or whole day in winter.
  2. Put the meat on the barbecue skewer and put it on the iron rack on the stove to roast. Brush the oil several times during the roasting process and keep the meat moist and excessive evaporation.
  3. The last step is to brush a little thinner honey on the meat surface and roast it again till both sides become brown or golden, then it means you may taste it.
  4. Cut off the crisp skin of the meat surface with a blade knife before putting it on the oven to continue baking. Repeat this process until the end of the meal. When eating, the action of the meat slices should be smart and sharp, giving people a style of performance and enjoyable fun.